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Senior Composites

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

I thought I might show one of the products that is getting a lot of interest from my clients.

Technology is allowing us to do soooo much with photography. They are things we use to be able to do in the darkroom…..but I never had the patience….I am in the dark a lot but staying  there for hours on end is mind numbing to me.

Luckily creating has become so much easier!

So here are some of the composites I have created this week

This is Ty Fullenkamp from Jay County School, his mom couldn’t decide which image she like the best so we made this for her.  This is the 20×20 nine images, it will take place of the old style portfolio.

This type of composite is good when you have a background image you want to show through.

The senior is Bryce Lemna from Muncie Central

Katie Hargis from Monroe Central chose the 10×10 four up composite.

All of these are full color, they are also pretty neat in black and white

Seniors, Seniors , Seniors

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

This a collection of Seniors I photographed this week.

They are all from Yorktown High School, man they have some good looking kids over there.

These images are all manipulated to some degree, obviously some more than others, I do like to play!

I still do traditional portraiture, But a person has to have fun!

If you recognize any of these seniors, let them know they are on the website. (these could make great profile pictures for facebook!)