Katy & Nick’s Wedding

Posted by admin on July 6, 2009

I am the worst at updating this site. Sorry if you want new stuff more often. It is not that I’m taking pictures, I just forget to show them off.

Anyway here is an update.

Remember the engagement couple from last fall; Katy Zawadski and Nick Smith…well here is their wedding.


It was just as much fun to photograph as the engagement session, however I took a little more care with them because Katy had on that big dress and Nick didn’t own his clothes.

Wedding attire sometimes stiffles creativity, (not really). It is just a different approach.

I went to the salon with the girls in the morning.


Although Katy doesn’t like to get to  made up, she allowed the stylist to have her way with her and she looked stunning.

Everyone was great to work with, it was a great location. Hazelwood Christian Center. There is a great old mansion as the parish hall. Gives great opportunities for pictures and the rain held off!


I thought I would put up a gallery for you to see. There was just so many fun pictures to show!

more photos

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