Katy & Nick’s Wedding

Posted by admin on July 6, 2009

I am the worst at updating this site. Sorry if you want new stuff more often. It is not that I’m taking pictures, I just forget to show them off.

Anyway here is an update.

Remember the engagement couple from last fall; Katy Zawadski and Nick Smith…well here is their wedding.


It was just as much fun to photograph as the engagement session, however I took a little more care with them because Katy had on that big dress and Nick didn’t own his clothes.

Wedding attire sometimes stiffles creativity, (not really). It is just a different approach.

I went to the salon with the girls in the morning.


Although Katy doesn’t like to get to¬† made up, she allowed the stylist to have her way with her and she looked stunning.

Everyone was great to work with, it was a great location. Hazelwood Christian Center. There is a great old mansion as the parish hall. Gives great opportunities for pictures and the rain held off!


I thought I would put up a gallery for you to see. There was just so many fun pictures to show!

more photos

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