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Zadok Lloyd

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

The fun of my job is watching families grow. I got to photograph Zadok as a newborn, and now he is back for 7 month photos. To see how much he has grown is neat.


But not only that is knowing his dad when he was in High school with my kids. Spencer was the class clown, involved in choir , theatre and was the school mascot. But he has grown into a very caring father.

Zadok was a preemie, so he is small, but let me tell you that doesn’t stop him.


I got lots of smiles from him, but I loved some of the other expressions he had…..not to mention those big blue eyes



Maybe I can get It Right!

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

I have been uploading pictures for some time now….and they just never looked right.

So I finally asked my webmaster Guru Matt and apparently they are too big, that is why they look distorted and basically like crap. So please overlook my inability to understand the working of the web, my actual prints look much better.

So here goes another try!



these 2 little boys have been coming to the studio since they were born. I have enjoyed photographing them over the past years. We thought we would try something different and take them on location.


We travelled to Burris backyard a cool little playground. It is always interesting taking children to places that might distract them from the task at hand. But it gives great natural expressions.



These guys were great they did listen for the most part ;-)