Posted by admin on March 9, 2009

When one is a photographer, one thinks they can photograph anything. You soon find out that is not the case.

I have been trying for years to capture sports, like the guys at “Sports Illustrated” First of all my knowledge of the game of basketball goes back to my high school days in Canada, where I played defense because I was one of the taller girls. Our job was to get the ball down the floor hand it to someone who could shoot. There was no strategy.

Since I have been in the Hoosier state I am learning and starting to anticipate the game. My next hurdle is the lighting in these high school gyms….HORRID… I have to set my camera at a setting it doesn’t like and if I am lucky I might stop the action of the boys as they fly through the air past my lens. Also I know it is a poor craftsman that blames her equipment, but I have found out that some cameras just do better at high speeds. Mine isn’t one of those.

All that said I have spent the last few weeks following two High Schools in their search for championship status.

Congratulations to both Monroe Central Golden Bears, and the Winchester Falcons on their sectional wins.

The Bears are my home town school, it is where my children graduated from. So that was the team I watch win Saturday night. I wish I could have beeen in two places at one time from what I understand The Falcons played one great game!

The mighty Bears

The mighty Bears

Wish I had a team picture of The Falcons, but couldn’t make their championship game. Here is some of the action shots from their game against the Wapahani Raiders



To see the full picture you need to double click on the image.

Good luck to both teams at their regional playoffs. I hope I have to choose which final game I go to next Saturday night!!!!!

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