The Groom with the Gun

Posted by admin on January 9, 2009

I’m back!! it is a new year, and happy new year to all.

I’ve spent the last week getting reorganized for the upcoming season. I’m getting lots of calls for weddings this year, thank you everyone.

I was trying to decide on a post to show what I’ve been doing but cleaning and organizing isn’t to cool, so I decided on a fun wedding I photographed this past October.

Tyler and Marcia Frame.

Tyler is a huge hunter, hence the groom with the gun.

Marcia was a stunning bride

It was a wonderful wedding. We started at Marcia’s house. The guys were stalking game in the woods

While the girls were jumping on the bed.

Don’t be scared he really is a nice guy :)

with a beautiful wife

They are a sweet couple.

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