Let it Snow, Let it Snow….

Posted by admin on January 30, 2009

I managed to make it through this last bit of weather we had here in East Central Indiana.

This is becoming the longest coldest winter I can remember. SO I decided to get some good out of it. I decided to go for a walk here in the fine town of Farmland to see if I could find anything interesting to photograph after our 12 inches of white stuff.

I used it as a kind of exercise to really see what was out there, find the beauty of the snowfall, and also to find the unusual in the ordinary. Don’t know how well I succeeded.

You can be the judge.


Here is Farmland.  I guess no trains had been through Farmland at this point.


And here is the countryside outside Farmland….really only a mile out of town

SO the rest of the images are just snapshots of what I saw in the last three days.0003_snowhorse_c0199





So I am a little concerned. WordPress has changed and consequently these pictures are all getting distorted. So I am not going to post anymore until I get it figured out.

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